Stroke coordinator - TEKNŐC

Dear parents, competitors, trainers!

It is our pleasure to introduce a revolutionary new device “TEKNÖC” on in technical terms: STROKE COORDINATOR that gives a help during training and warning up in competitions. What is “TEKNŐC”?

It is a device to be fastened on the hands which forces the swimmers to perform the most efficient strokes and, by this, helps to work out the proper swimming style. Unlike the pool- side and the traditional paddles training, with its special impact, it only intensifies –at a high degree – the strength and stamina of the muscles which are used for speeding up.

“TEKNŐC” is recommended to use as a supplementary device in the hitherto known and applied strengthening training, since it compensable the undesirable side effect of that.

A group of competitors have been using “TEKNŐC” for a long time and have a high opinion of it. The improvement of technique, stamina as long as time results were striking to the experts too, Szilágyi Zoltán, for example, broke his national record by using “TEKNŐC” in 30% of a 6 month’ training period prior to the competition in which he got the 6th place with his 3:51,55 min. record in the 400 m free style.

It is essential for both beginners and leading competitors to use “TEKNŐC” during training sessions.

Price list:

1-4 pcs 23 EURO+post cost

5-9 pcs

21 EURO + post cost

10-15 pcs

19 EURO + post cost + 1 pc gratis

16-20 pcs

19 EURO + post cost + 2 pcs gratis

More than 21 pcs 17 EURO + post cost + 3 pcs gratis

Please send your order to Csaba Horváth

Thanks for your intereset.