The town   hajszvaros

Hajdúszoboszló is a town in Hajdú-Bihar county, Hungary, 19 kilometres southwest of county seat Debrecen. It is the third largest town in Hajdú-Bihar county.

The town is located in the northeastern part of the Great Hungarian Plain. Three regions meet next to the town: the Hajdúhát ridge from the north-north-east, the Hortobágy (Puszta) from the north-north-west, and the Great Sárrét and Berettyó region from the south. Szoboszló lies at a height of scarcely 100-110 metres above sea level and slopes down a little towards Hortobágy.

This is a landscape "where the earth and the skies meet", it is not a monotonous plain, not even for travellers accustomed to romantic mountains, sine here and there the landscape is enlivened by the backwaters of the Tisza river with patches of reed, thousands of wild fowl, and inviting groves. The surroundings are the renowned puszta, the "glorious plain".

Recently there is the opportunity to approach Hajdúszoboszló by air, as well, thanks to Debrecen Airport.

The swimming-pool   jaszuszi1

Possibility for swimming trainings for individuals and groups.

Indoor pool with 50m lenght and 8 lanes.





Small pool   hajsuszi2


We are thinking about the young children.

Thermal bath out/indoor

Other facilities   hajszkondi

- sauna

- thermal pools

- refreshing massage

- fitness room


- Hotels

- Apartments

- other type and level of accomodation according your request.